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Hello, in the latest build of Edge Chromium, I am unable to change my device location due to which the greeting which shows up in the new tab page has the location set to LONDON, UK and therefore shows the weather card of that place. 

Is this possible to change the location or is it an issue in this browser.

if it is possible, please help me do it.

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you can click on the greeting message and weather temp in Edge new tab page






which then takes you to MSN weather and you will see a list where you can select your home country and city.


you also have to do this:




Make this place my home. after that go to new tab page, do a refresh and you will see the new temperature for your new location.


you can also click on F or C to choose whether you want Edge new tab page to show you the temp in Fahrenheit or Celsius.




@ashman5254 Welcome to the MS Edge Insider's community! Hopefully the previous reply will help, but if it seems more like a persistent location settings issue, let us know and we can help with the next troubleshooting steps.


And thanks for sharing those helpful tips, @HotCakeX! :)


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