Changelogs for BOTH Canary & DEV...

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Please, for the sake of our sanity, provide change logs - - PLEASE...

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Please, for the sake of our sanity, provide change logs - - PLEASE...

We already get updates to what is new/changed for Dev...  Just keep an eye out today in this forum for a new post about the latest version which should be out today.   Also go here to this link to find what is new and upcoming for Dev.   

Now as far as Can goes....  They have yet to post updates/changelogs.   Maybe they feel it is to burdened a task as Can is updated Daily....  But, I'm sure it will come....    @Deleted 



What?? Canary is the ugly Stepchild?

Hi @Deleted, we publish release notes to this forum for every new Developer channel release. We did not anticipate the overwhelming demand for release notes on both Dev and Canary, and so prioritized other work ahead of them.  Now, however, we are trying to rectify this error and are working to build a system to generate and publish release notes.  This will likely take a good amount of time, but in the meantime, we are committing to getting release notes published manually for every Dev channel update.  Thank you for understanding and for letting us know how important these notes are to you.


@Elliot Kirk  Thanks for the reply...  Now that I know the release notes for Canary are in the works... all is good.