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Hey there
I just set up my START(!)-Page in Edge. However, when I open up a new tab it isn't showing my Start(!)-Page, but the Microsoft Start Page... wtf?
Sorry, but what good for is a Start(!)-Page, if it isn't the page that is beeing displayed when i start(!) the browser, a new window, or a new tab?
I have to click a button for the startpage to show up... well, sorry, but then it's not a Start(!)-Page at all. It's a simple bookmark, like every other bookmark, just with another button.

In EVERY other browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, ..) the startpage is, what is showing up, when I open up a new window or tab, which totally makes sense, because it is... you guessed it, the START(!!!!)-Page.

Please let people decide on which site they want to start, and don't force them. I would use Edge as my default browser, but not without a proper start page.

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