cant uninstall edge DMA EEA compliance

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so I have an american build pc but it does not allow me to uninstall edge and get rid of bing. I expect someone from support to let me know how to uninstall this. its software was fully updated before shipped and so its w11 version 22631.3374 I did turn on "Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available" as instructed by that article however it did not find any other updates.


So let me know what needs to be installed or changed to wipe out edge and kick bing off the computer as well. i do not see bing in the apps list but im getting bing results in the FILE search when im searching for FILES and there is still bing stuff on the lock screen.


Thank you and no im not going to reinstall the os as im not violating the DMA by having this machine made outside of the EEA and shipped here. now that it is here it must comply with the laws here


I also question what happens when i use a vpn so the DMA fix must be permanent I don't want edge to come back when i connect to some other country.


in short please send me the EEA DMA patches to get my machine in compliance.

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