Cannot see the new Bing-AI button in Edge Dev

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I have recently installed Edge Dev 111.0.1660.6 and later updated to 111.0.1660.9. I did this because I wanted to try out the new Bing AI features, but the button that should be in the top right corner doesn't show up for me. I already passed the waitlist and can use the Bing-Chat features, but somehow I can't access the "AI Sidebar."

Can anyone here help me fix this?


Thank you in advance!

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Neither can I. It’s just blank without any chat options at all.



You need to download the EdgeDEV version of the browser to see the Bing button at the top right.

Yes. We have done that. The Bing button is there but when it’s clicked and the discovery side bar is open it doesn’t give any options and doesn’t display any information about the page it’s opened on.
Oh, I'm sorry. I don't have the AI access yet, so I am not sure what it could be. I'd shut everything down, and do a total restart of the computer and all software just to make sure that it wasn't using some old information about your present state. I'd also clear all the browser data. I don't think the this will solve the problem, but I'm just trying to be thorough, and I'm at the disadvantage of not having access. I hope that when you do get it to work that you post it here in case I get the same problem in the future.



Its strange that button does not work in full screen but if you go out of full screen just window mode then the Bing button works

Thanks. That's good to know. That's a big bug waiting for a programmer to squash it.
I can´t access on Linux :(
same here, the bing side panel button is disabled in full screen in mac os 12
I am on Windows 10 Enterprise. A few days ago, I was using the Bing Button for the Compose Feature. Now the Bing Button is gone.
I'd just like to bump this again because the issue is still not resolved for me. I can't see the button anywhere, neither in the latest Edge Dev nor in the Edge Stable version, where it should also be released now.
so we didn't get any resolution at all as far as now?