Cannot launch Edge Canary ( inside the Windows 10 Sandbox

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I launched Windows 10's Sandbox and installed the latest version of Edge Canary. The process seemed to go just fine but I couldn't launch Canary. I tried using the desktop shortcut, the start menu, I even tried shutting down and relaunching Sandbox. It simply refuses to launch from the Sandbox.


1- Launch Microsoft Sandbox

2- From within the Sandbox, go to and install Edge Canary

3- Try to launch Edge Canary ad nauseam. It doesn't work.


I tried Chrome Canary and it launches every time. I've tried Edge Dev and it didn't work. Only Edge Chromium seems to have that problem.

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Thank you for this information. Are you still experiencing this issue?



@v-gapart I was until two Windows 10 insider builds ago. Now, I have no way to know because the Sandbox has been broken for at least two weeks.