Cannot Install or Uninstall web apps after reset

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Hello, yesterday Edge had that issue with google search causing it to crash, meanwhile I didn't know that was a thing and for half an hour I was trying to find out ways to make it stop crashing and reset the browser, delete cache, temp files, all that.

However today I found out my web apps don't work anymore, I click the icon and it opens an empty edge window. So okay, try to uninstall and install again right? Doesn't work, can't uninstall (literally does nothing), can't install again (literally does nothing), I can only install web apps that were not installed before, the old ones bugged out.

I also tried deleting the install entry to one of the apps, that didn't work, still can't install again.

So basically now I'm stuck with uninstallable dummy shortcuts and cannot use the web apps I was using.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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@msbru I too did the exact same thing as you, and now I have the same problem as you.


I was able to uninstall the web apps by realizing that they're not real apps but located in a directory within Edge, but re-installation is not possible.


Note that installing web apps via other Chromium family browsers (like Chrome) still works.

@havill I also noticed that you can still install from other edge versions, so I was on Beta and I was able to install from the normal edge, so now I use that and uninstalled the beta. I imagine a re-instalation should make it work again, but I'm fine now.

@msbru FYI, I finally for it to work by removing the directories





Doing this will make Edge think it's just been installed and jump through the welcome hoops.


It also deletes all your browser related data, so don't do this unless you've backed up what's important to you or don't care.