Cannot customize keyboard shortcuts and new shortcuts are overriding my plugins

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Two things:


1. Why can we still not customize/disable keyboard shortcuts for new features?


Specifically, Command+Shift+X on mac (which is used by just about anyone using 1Password, so I assume quite a few) now pops up some drag and select copy text thing which I didn't want in the first place. Can't find anywhere to disable it.


2. The Command key on mac is not detected in the shortcut box, so effectively we cannot make shortcuts that use it. You must fix this.


Also--extensions and system shortcuts should override Edge's shortcuts, not the other way around.

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@brrpc Same problem for me, just started this past week I believe. This is a regression. Users should be able to override any shortcut they want, but what's worse is that I was already setting my shortcut to cmd+shift+p for 1password, and now that's broken. As you mentioned, cmd is no longer accepted as a shortcut input. Hopefully they can fix this regression quickly.

Agreed. For now I had to switch to Brave because I have work to get done.


I don't use a mac, but at my company, we use barcodes to keep track of inventory. Some of the data on the barcodes for some reason corresponds to the shortcut Ctrl = J, causing the downloads tab to open every time you scan an item. This is annoying and so we have changed over to Brave.