Cannot add Direct Dial widget go the Home Screen.

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I have been using the beta version of Microsoft Launcher since a pretty long time. But recently I realized that I could not add the Direct Dial widget to the Home Screen. I can't add Contacts also. This used to work really well in earlier versions, but it does not work now.


I am currently on beta build 6.220402.0.1045451. I don't know when this particular issue started but I noticed it recently after a hard reset of my phone (Samsung S22 Ultra). Anybody else having these issues?


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Hi, I have same problem - version 6.220402.0.1045451, Samsung A52


@batman5001  Thanks for your feedback. It's a known issue. We are working hard on it. Please update your launcher when there is an option. 


@Dandan_Liu Works after the latest update. Thanks a lot. Cheers.