Canary Version 89.0.760.0: Tab group icon shape

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Hi everyone. I've  just been updated to this version, and the first difference I've noticed is with the tab groups:

  • The shape of the label has changed from circular to a round-cornered rectangle. I think this makes sense as it reflects the shape of the tabs themselves.
  • There's a subtle line of colour along the tops of all the tabs in a particular group. I think this is nicer than when the lines were all around the edges of the tabs and along the bottom, which I thought looked clumsy.

Anybody else noticed anything new (with or without flags)?


Have a great weekend, and stay safe!

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I noticed it too, it looks broken, hopefully it will be fixed in next update because this is a regression in terms of design






Hi @HotCakeX 


Yes, I noticed the issue in vertical mode -definitely looks broken. I thought there was a problem in horizontal mode too before I labelled the groups because instead of a circle there was kind of a squished circle. Makes sense though once you label them!

@Pete_FFC It looks awesome! I'd love to see this in Dev.


A number of folks are noticing a new bug with vertical tabs.  According to @josh_bodner, "Tab drag and drop is broken for vertical tabs."  This bug will be fixed in Canary first, right @Pete_FFC  ?



they still look fine before this change


this is on Edge stable





it is fixed in canary already :)

@HotCakeX This is what I'm seeing on the horizontal tabs when I don't name them - they have the coloured line along them top, instead of the whole tab being outlined. I think that this is more subtle and slicker. When I name them, they are rectangular.


Still got the horizontal line in vertical mode.




Have a great weekend!

Hmm okay we'll see whether it's a bug or they want to actually keep it

you too!

@press0 I'm not a member of the Microsoft team, but I would assume that Canary will see any changes/fixes first.


Can anyone from Team Microsoft confirm/advise please?


Thanks! :smile:


That is right,

they have already confirmed it before in various comments they made throughout the forum.

logically it makes sense too, Canary is on the forefront, has the highest version number etc.

so it experiences bugs/updates/fixes first but also receives them as fast as possible.

Looking again at the shape of the tab icon, I think it would make more sense and look better if it were wider to that it became a vertical rectangle with rounded corners, rather than the blob it currently is. The rectangular shape would also work well aesthetically in vertical mode.


This would be more in keeping with the shape when it has a label and fill the space to the left of the tab.


I really like the subtle coloured horizontal line on the tabs in each group. It's clear and looks classier.

didn't look bad before.

@HotCakeX Yes, when they were circular it was ok, but I think that if they were rectangular, they would fit into the general aesthetic (windows, tabs) better. If they were rectangular it would make more design sense in my opinion.