Canary Version 84.0.495.0

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Hi all. Edge Canary just got updated to 84.0.495.0. So far, the only change I've seen is that the option to group tabs has been removed. Hopefully this is just a temporary move, as I find it extremely useful to my workflow.


I note also that issue with Canary crashing when trying to remove highlighting is still there.


Anyone else noticed any other changes/new features?

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I don't like tab grouping. I hope a user facing option is added! Please star this:
When it's an option in the tab contextual menu everyone has the choice. I hope they bring the option back.

What do you mean by group tabs? Is it the same as adding tabs to a new collection? @Pete_FFC 

@Faris-Jayyousi , hi. Grouping tabs is different - it lets you organise tabs that are open in your browser into groups. Please see the following images which should clarify, but let me know if you have any more questions. These were taken from public version of Edge Chrome.


Best, Pete

Thank you @Pete_FFC

Never paid attention to this feature before. It seems useful. Hopefully it will be back soon.