Canary just shuts down randomly

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Starting around February 16th, Edge Canary will just out of the blue shut down. Nothing specific causes it. I can open fresh, tell it load previous tabs, browse a minute and bam, everything is closed.

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I'm on Beta and the exact thing is happening around the same date (Feb 16 a week ago). Fortunately like in your case, the code that saves the current state and recovers after the crash is very solid but it is crashing like a lot.

It started happening when the (really unwanted in my opinion) large and very white Bing logo on the top right along with a new right-sidebar appeared.

Version 111.0.1661.15 (Official build) beta (64-bit)
{it crashed while I was writing this fortunately I foresaw that and wrote on notepad beforehand}



Please update your instance of the browser to the latest Canary version 112.0.1697.0 and let us know if you're still experiencing this behavior. To run the automatic updater, enter edge://settings/help in the address bar. 

I wonder why I have not been getting update since 112.0.1690.0 ?
Just an FYI, I went from your current version directly to the 1697 release. I'm thinking that the build is still rolling out and hasn't reached all users yet, I recommend waiting a few hours and checking again. Sorry about that!
No, I got the build immediately, these builds are supposed to roll out daily, I wonder how I've missed so many builds.

This build does not resolve the issue.