Canary Edge keep shutting down

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I'm using Canary Version 86.0.591.0 and recently  the browser would shut down for no reason. It would freeze first and then the not responding message comes up and then shut down. It has been happening too much and want to know what's the issue.

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Fixed on last build now back again on todays newest build 86.0.592.0. This is highly annoying and occurs very randomly sometimes just by clicking on a link on a website. But it is very bizarre to me that it was fixed on the last build but is now back again. A response from the team would be nice, especially if it is something that can just be changed in flags for a quick fix?

@VBartlett1978 It's bizarre period. Why would the browser shut down period? I have never had this issue in neither version of Edge. I sent this issue through the Feedback Hub in the browser. Is there an administrator to tag into this post? 

@VBartlett1978  I'm seeing this also, but can reproduce it every time

by clicking the Refresh.

@QueenNini  So i believe in the last few months I have encountered this problem on 5 separate occasions within the last 3 months, each time getting fixed within a build, but its still very bizarre that a problem that gets fixed quickly reoccurs within one build sometimes. Now I'm not an expect and I do fiddle with the flags especially to increase speed and quality. especially as I have the dev branch on my computer as well set up the same and do not encounter the issue. But I'm not convinced its something I have changed the fact that it gets fixed so quickly then the error returns also so quickly, regarding admin unfortunately I could not tell ya, I'm not on here a lot only when I feel I need to be I.e. with this problem and the Fullscreen video problem.

@CrazyKats  Is it occurring the same way i.e. as i mentioned by clicking a link on a website? or just a random crash. Also do you have any flags enabled?

@VBartlett1978 Links in websites seem to be OK for me.

I don't know about the flags, I don't play with them.

Mine seems to be doing it only if I refresh.

@VBartlett1978  I don't know about flags and I just update the Canary version today and it still shut down. It's so annoying, hopefully it would be resolved soon.

@CrazyKatsThat's interesting to know so relatively the same problem but with different aspects, not experienced it on a refresh, I have experienced it on opening a link in a new tab clicking on some links on websites and also closing a tab. 

@QueenNini Well if I know Microsoft it will more then likely be resolved today and back by tomorrow :face_with_tears_of_joy: why it keeps coming back that is a question that hopefully somebody will come on here and give us some answers. I will use the dev version until 6pm GMT when the new update should be available for canary branch.



same here 

when right click on tab to close it or switch tab.

80% crash.

First happened to me on 86.0.590.0, seemed to be fixed(? think I still had a few, just less) on last update but now it's happening again on 86.0.592.0. Seems to be tab-related, happens when I close a tab, switch to a different tab, or open a new tab.

@QueenNini @Noxillio @Marek Belan @CrazyKats  Looks like issue is fixed on new build so far so good. So if you have not done already you update to  86.0.593.0 

I'm glad it just not just me experiencing it. It's still happening now and it's a major pain.

@Marek Belan It's annoying. Maybe the last updates on Canary are too glitchy.

@QueenNini  Yep I know what you mean scratch what I said earlier after using this new build the problem still exists, in fact it has got worse it is now happening sometimes on Fullscreen of videos and using the back button. seriously would be nice if somebody from Microsoft would respond to this. So for now I'm off back to dev branch where problem at the mo. does not exist, try again tomorrow I guess.

@VBartlett1978 It's time now to send more feedback in the feedback hub and put pressure on this issue. I checked for updates in Canary and said updates are underway and refresh later.  I might look into the dev Edge. Is it more updated in Canary?

Happening to me as well since this morning. On Version 86.0.587.0 of Dev build. Can't do anything, just crashes the browser immediately if I try to go to a link, once I type 3 letters in the address bar it crashes.



Ditto - same here.  Crashes almost immediately as I start typing a URL or if I close a tab, etc.

@QueenNini Agreed. 2 things just to fill you in on the edge dev branch is behind canary, edge dev normally updates once a week, where as edge canary updates daily apart from Saturday and Sunday, so it is more stable but for me personally is slower but is always good to have a backup. Current build Numbers are Canary Branch: 86.0.593.0 and Dev Branch: 86.0.587.0 Also your update may ne corrupt I had same problem the other day when the browser crashed while updating and got that message, refreshed about 5 times did not disappear, so to fix just re download canary fixed my update.