Canary crashes


After today update i had a lot of crashes mostly while switching to private mode. Both windows (standard mode and private mode) crashes same time. B4 this updt half a day all working perfectly, so i assume that this is connected with latest version

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Hi Joshua,


Are you still receiving this issue in Edge Canary ?






@V-FRROME sorry for late reply. No, not any crashes on current build

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@Joshua1605 Canary is great because you can dive into new features and any revision to old features before the other channels (Dev, Beta, and even Stable if we had Stable). However occasionally you will get bugs and crashes especially if the developers are experimenting with a new feature or revamping an old one. It rarely happens, and when it does it's usually corrected (your browser corrected) in the next update. The good thing about Canary is it's updated daily while Dev is only weekly and Beta is about every six weeks (not including security updates as they're continues across the board). When/if it does happen the best thing to do is either jump back into old Edge or use Edge Dev for the rest  of the day into the next day's update.  :-).