Canary Channel Release Notes



I was hoping there would be some kind of release notes for the canary channel on, like there are for the other release channel's. Unless I missed them, there aren't any..does anyone know of a site where user's can actually read what was added/changed in the latest canary channel release ?



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Release notes are available for dev version on this forum. As of my knowledge, there are no release notes for canary version. Hope that helps.

@hussain5416 , Thanks so much for your reply, you would think that by the canary build being the version with more possible bugs that ms might offer at least something with regards to something to do with release notes.

I guess release notes for dev are more than enough. Canary version is basically much more testing oriented than the dev or beta. You just use canary and post the bugs here in forum or through feedback in browser. For release notes it's a good idea to use dev version.