Canary Build 93.910.2106030 for MacOS fails to load

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Has anyone else found the latest canary build (6th June) fails to load on MacOS 11.4? Previous builds were working fine but since the update to this build Edge Canary does not load, does not open and does not show any error. All other channels are working fine. I have removed the app and re-installed but has not helped. Hopefully will get fixed next week but interested if anyone else has the same issues.

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@Michael Brunker Hi Michael -- yes, I just came here to see if others were having the same problem.  I have three different Mac's running the Canary build and it fails to load on any of them.  I was thinking of removing it and reinstalling, but then I read you already tried that -- thanks for sharing that and saving me the hassle.


I am running the latest beta version of MacOS, 11.5 beta 2.  Maybe that has something to do with this bug?   It's hard to imagine that Microsoft would release a build that fails to launch -- this must be something that they test for.

I am running MacOS 11.4 production. "It's hard to imagine that Microsoft would release a build that fails to launch" which is why we test the canary builds so that bugs like this get picked up early and not released to the general audience. I just hope someone from the Edge Insider program is listening :)
Hi, I am also facing the same problem. Did you find any work around?
Not yet…hope the next update fixes it.
Edge Canary has updated to 93.913.2106060 but still seems to crash on startup with no error. Might have to reinstall clean again. Interested to hear from anyone else and whether theirs is fixed.
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Uninstalled Edge Canary using Parallel's Toolbox Uninstall app...downloaded latest Canary build (93.0.913) and reinstalled. All is now working again...though as I completely uninstalled I have to recreate my PWA's :(