Canary (87.0.663.0) - Drop-Down Elements (SELECT) Not Working

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Updated to Canary 87.0.663.0 this morning. Now, SELECT elements no longer work. I can activate the list, but can't make a selection! Heres the strange part, I can choose options near the top of the list, but not the bottom.


Two examples:


For some reason, the mouse cursor appears to be not in over the list, but it is, I guess that is an issue with Share-X (or ffmpeg).


These 2 SELECT elements work fine in Dev (and in Chrome).


This issue makes Canary unusable.

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@Keith Davis 


I updated to 87.0.664.0, which appeared to fix it, but now the issue is back. Also, this only occurs with the mouse, if I use the keyboard, I can select any option.



Sorry to bother you, but this is a pretty serious bug and easily reproducible.

@Keith Davis Thanks for reaching out and reporting this. It looks like this may have been caused by a bug in the overall Chromium code, and our team is working on a fix now. Please let us know if you see anything similar, or if you experience that same selection issue in other channels!


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