canary 81.0.363.0 crashes if you disable collections and tries to give feedback

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Found an appcrash if you disable collections and then try to use the feedback icon in the url bar.

Can anyone test if it's reproducible ?

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I tried this, Mat.  Now that we have Collections by default, no flag needed, "disabling" seems moot, at this point.  Unless the flag was used & set to Disable, but, personally, don't know why that would be wanted. There's Default or forced with Enable... Disable is that, the item is gone/shut down & sure won't work, default or forced.  But anyway, YES, if Collections IS, actually, Disabled via the flag & the Feedback icon is hit the browser crashes.  Does not crash if Collections flag is set to Enabled OR Default.  So, YES, I can repro the behavior you describe.

Oh and Collections is supposed to be by default now in Canary & Dev... however, some Users will find, for them, the flag, still, needs to be set to Enable.


Collections is Not enabled by default for everyone.
it is still part of the controlled feature roll out. I don't know why developers never mention it and instead say it's available for everyone in all countries.


Anyway, that's not the point here, disable this flag and then click on the feedback button





I am having the same problem, the same build. nice find

Collection flag is set to disabled and the soon as i click on the feedback button, the browser crashes.



If you don't wan't the collection icon in the URL bar - disabling collections is the only way to get rid of the icon currently. When/if MS gives us an option for the icon only - the need for disable will be reduced but until then it is needed.


Also would like a way to remove the user button. For us it's just a waste of space. Due to legal reqs we will never use any cloud based accounts or logins

please check again, it's fixed in Version 81.0.366.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)



Sorry. I had missed your reply but yes - it does work now. I'm on 81.0.375.0 -with a working keyboard :)