Canary 80.0.340.0 - Force enable dark mode removed from edge://flags

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What happened to force enable dark mode in Canary 80.0.340.0 ?


I cannot find it in edge://flags anymore.



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The cause is upstream in  Chromium.  It's a "Known issue" & once fixed up there, we should see it, again.

At least that is my understanding.  If off track please don't throw anything really heavy at me.  Thanks.

At lease Dev is still ok in this regard, thankfully.


in canary 80.0.341.0 it is back
I really hope this stops..I hate to see Chromium bugs get passed to the Microsoft Edge channels..
Yeah dev is ok because it receives its updates weekly, us canary users are on the front line lol

@shaoxuan Now, we're back with the same problem:
In the Canary Build 84.0.513.0 the Force Dark Mode Option in the "experiments section" is now among the "unavailable features" and, more precisely, "not available in your platform".
Changing CSS "on the fly" to get all pages "dark" may represent a security issue?
I love this feature and I hope to see it among the available "experiments" as soon as possible.


@Stefania Castelli 


Yes, last week it went to unavailable in Canary, and this week in Dev too. Had hoped it might return in today's Canary, but no.


Not having access to either this or the Dark Reader extension is one reason I don't use Android Edge, which (for syncing reasons) means I won't use desktop Edge as my default browser. Here I was hoping Force enable dark mode would be added to Android Edge, but instead we've lost it from desktop Edge. Not encouraging.

@DavidGB. Sorry to say it, but Canary Chrome is actually providing this feature in its last release.
Probably I have a sort of "phobia" for white screens (since I have to deal with them 16h/day).
This experimental feature, with all its well-known reading limits, is a wonderful tool to provide geeks' eyes with some comfort (:cool::xd:), especially when you have to work on pages you're familiar with.
In the attachment, I put the screenshot of the equivalent setting page and feature as available on the actual Canary Chrome build.