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Since the release of I am experiencing high CPU usage when Edge is running whether or not I am using the bowser.  I can leave it with the home page and it will consume 200% of my CPU within a minute or so.  If I leave it long enough my entire system will slow to a crawl until have to quit or force quit the browser.


edge cpu.png

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does mac always measure CPU usage from 1% to 200% instead of 1% to 100% ?

@HotCakeX On my Mac I can see a CPU utilization from 0% to 400% since I have a 4 core i7 processor.  

Oh so if my CPU had 16 cores, I would get a 1600% utilization? that seems like it doesn't count the threads otherwise you would get 800% utilization.
anyway, are you also using macOS Catalina?

@HotCakeX Yes, if somehow you could generate enough load that was multi-threaded that would use all of those cores you would see a ridiculous 1600% utilization. And yes, Mac OS X doesn't seem to count threads, just real cores.  I'm running Mac OS X Mojave (10.14.6). 

I'm getting the same issue, which I reported here, but on Edge Dev rather than Canary.