Can we open specific file extensions of downloaded files by default?

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We want to open downloade ICA files automatically with Citrix Workspace.
Can we set this somewhere in a GPO or in the Registry?

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Hi @IvoNWZ, I am not sure that there is a GPO for this, but there might be.  You can always set a file extension manually (in Windows) by going to the Windows Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps -> Choose default apps by file type, scroll down to .ica, then clicking the + Chhose a default, and selecting Citrix Workspace.  Is this what you are looking for?  The files will still be downloaded, but you can then just click on the file to open with the default application.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk That is not what I am looking for.
Setting the default app for specific file types we have accomplished through setting the Default Associations Configuration File in a GPO.

What we want is that specific file types are automatically opened with the default app when downloaded with Edge Dev.

We want to help our users not having to set this themselves.


Looking for the same to automate auto launch for Citrix and SAPGUI. Should not be an end user action to enable what is required for all users

Hi @IvoNWZ,

I think that you have only touched the tip here in that Edge should have the ability to open any file that has an associated application for it automatically if requested e.g. a .txt file in Notepad++ as an example.

This functionality exists in Chrome why not in Edge?

Did we get any updates on this thread?  I know you can click on the downloaded item and select the "A;ways open files of this type" option, but it would be nice if these types could be provided via a GPO.