Can we have these Edge settings added to the sync?

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This is only a demo of 5 sites, my actual list is long and it is really time consuming and hard to manually add that to each instance of Edge, one by one.

please add these to the settings sync in Edge so we can get the same experience on all of our machines automatically. eventually I hope all of the settings in Edge to be synced but this is a nice security feature that needs sync to be efficient.



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You're really smart.

@HotCakeX Hello. agree should be synchronizing these settings. I've also added a lot of sites.

Very helpful suggestion. Actually, many times we feel like no matter which device we're using or which channel we're using, we want our browser to behave exactly same on all devices and channels. Switching channels and devices should be hassle free and with least tweaks. There should be controls to sync almost everything or nothing based on our choice.

@HotCakeX You're welcome!