Can we have a Microsoft Launcher feature by feature walkthrough?

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Can we have a Microsoft Launcher feature by feature walkthrough?

As someone who has used the launcher since the early Arrow and Garage days, I know there are now many features and not all of us are using them or know how to. Can we catalogue all these features and do in-depth walkthroughs of how to set them up and their usage scenarios? I notice that several of the bugs or complaints are due to users not knowing how or when to use a feature or where to find the feature.

There are also some features that are locked by region and configuration issues. Such as Cortana integration and the syncing of notifications.

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thanks for the great suggestion, we are exploring ways of how to present best helping system in Launcher, this is not a minor work though especially when we are dealing with 70+ languages of help documents. but definitely this is well noted.

@Gorden_LinCan we start with a wiki so we can contribute? 
My reason for asking is because I use ML personally (since arrow early garage days) and I am watching people complain about features I did not even know were there. I have two accounts, an Office 365 and my personal account. I am also trying to figure out how to get my pc notifications back now that Cortana is in ML. I like the calendar stuff I am seeing and I am realising I should not look up the google calendar when I have a perfectly good full calendar page. In fact, I might ditch Google altogether (except search cause bing looks weird).
I need the entire feature set list so I can use as much of ML as possible.
The only feature I use every day is the frequently used apps page which is my homepage. I don't use widgets but something for the weather would be nice.

@jmakumbi  @Gorden_Lin For the last three builds I have been having a problem with some apps never moving onto the Frequently Used Apps page. The apps I use change depending on whether I am traveling or where I am located, so I some move on and others move off. But there are a few that never move on no matter how many times I click them.


James have you experienced this problem? I have restarted Microsoft Launcher, rebooted the phone and also reset Microsoft Launcher. It happened on both Android Oreo and Pie. My next step is to try unistalling and reinstalling Microsoft Launcher, but wanted to check with another user of the Fequently used apps page to see if you have seen something similar.

@ms4132frequently used apps is my home screen. It took me ages to get it just right. First, you have to figure out the rows and columns that best fit your screen. I have a Sony Xperia XZ Premium. I found that an 8x5 grid fits my needs perfectly.

Now, with regard to apps. There is a tricky algorithm that is used and it requires that you realize the usage counts of your apps and the grid size. If all the apps on your grid are used a minimum of 10 times and you use an app just once, should it appear and knock out another one you use more frequently? The bottom two rows of my grid is where an app I use once or twice appears and in a couple of days, it will disappear. From this, I deduce that apps I use less than three times go there.

I find this grid very very useful to the extent that I take ages without using any other new features like what happens when you press the home button twice from the home page. I recommend you move the top row of apps into the app drawer because that is what you use most often anyway. You can also select the menu button to list all the apps in your phone sorted and grouped alphabetically. The first two results are recently added apps and recently used apps. That is another feature I enjoy along with the search feature. I often forget the names of apps and even what the icons look like so if it isn't on my home screen or recently installed, I am going to spend ages scrolling through installed apps.
In conclusion, the frequently used apps screen works well for me and always has.