Can't support Google Chromecast extension

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The current version can't install Google Chromecast extension, which is popular for Smart TV. 

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Thank you for letting us know. How is your experience with your other extensions?
Thanks Elliot. Haven't tested other extensions because there are too few extensions available from MS Edge so far.

I notice that under Settings/More tools there is a Cast media to device
which doesn't give my Chromecast as a device..

In Chrome there is a Cast option which allows casting to a Chromecast.

I hope that Edge will include Chromecast as a device at some time.



I too noticed this problem, we're going to settings>more tools>cast media to device isn't working like it should be.  @RichardUK 

On the announcement they do say that casting is not working at present.

I hope that when they get it going that it will include Chromecast,

as other Chromium browsers do.


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@RichardUKChromecast support will be coming soon in Edge.

Is it possible to enable Chromecast function in formal version when releasing Edge to public?