Can't see tabs from other devices on Edge Android on Tablet

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I'm having difficulty finding open tabs from other devices on my Edge installed on an Android Tablet. On my smartphone, to see the synchronized tabs, I need to click on the tab viewer, click on 'recent' and both the tabs that I recently closed and the tabs opened from other devices will appear.  


However, on my Tablet it's different. There is no button for the tab viewer and I had to dig around on Reddit and discover that there is a hidden feature for this: Swiping down the area where the back and forward buttons are, in the top left.  


However, when I click on 'recent', only the open tabs appear. Neither recently closed tabs nor tabs from other devices appear. Is this some bug or am I doing it wrong?

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When I swipe down, the tabs opened on other devices and recently closed tabs briefly appear in a layout similar to the one that appears on my smartphone, but it ends up quickly changing to the layout that appears in the image.


It appears to be some kind of bug with the tablet layout that is causing this.

Exactly same problem here. This restricts me from using browser on tab. Looks like Microsoft abandoned tablet interface.
Exactly the same issue... super annoying. I cannot seamesly work between my laptop and my smarpthone (Samsug Dext mode) because the "tabs from other devices" option doesnt show up in Edge tablet mode exactly as you describe.
I'm trying really hard to switch from Firefox to Edge, but this might be a deal breaker.