Can't open and the Microsoft Edge Secure Network option is missing.

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I can't find the Microsoft Edge Secure Network option in the settings and it can't open certain blocked sites. In addition, certain sites like are not accessible in Edge, but accessible through Google Chrome and Firefox on the same machine without using any third-party VPN or Proxy.

Instead, there is "Enhance your security on the web" which doesn't reflect any features of a VPN or Secure Network.


The version in my Edge is
Version 116.0.1938.62 (Official build) (64-bit)

which is update to date right now.


Are Edge settings different country-wise?

I can't find any solution at this time...


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Hi @Farrukhw


I can't find any-information online that suggests Edge Secure Network isn't available in certain countries, so my guess would be you may have a company-issued device where your IT Department have blocked the use of this feature.


In the Address Bar type edge://management and press ENTER.  On my personal laptop, it says "Microsoft Edge is not managed by a company or organisation".  If yours says anything different, you could have a Group Policy or MDM policy on your machine hiding the feature.


Alternatively, perhaps you have VPN software on your computer, or a VPN browser-extension, which is disabling the use of Edge's own VPN?

@dftf-wip No, its my personal desktop machine. 

from edge://management, I got this:



And I'm not using any other VPN. In addition, I have reset the Edge from its settings, and at this time, there is no extension enabled...

Even I tried by logging out from my account but still, the issue persists.


@Farrukhw According to the information here ( it says the Edge Secure Network is still "a preview feature".


That means it's likely subject to the "A/B testing" Microsoft do where some users on the same versions of Edge see some features, and others don't.  I guess all you can do is wait for it to appear later on. 🤷🏻‍


(Unless any Microsoft employee can confirm if it isn't available in some countries or territories?)

Oh... that may be the case... But still, I am wondering why I can't access in Edge, but easily accessing it in Chrome and Firefox on the same machine...

Thanks anyway :)

Hi @Farrukhw 


Could you try going to the TikTok website in Edge and upload a screenshot that shows the error-message you get?


Also, to ensure that any extension you might have in Edge isn't causing the issue, try seeing if you can load TikTok inside an "InPrivate" window.  (Go to the Edge menu "..." then click "New InPrivate window").  By-default, Edge does not allow extensions to run inside InPrivate windows, so try that.  If it does load, then an extension you have in Edge would be causing the issue.


I just downloaded Beta version of Edge. And started working in both :xd:


However, no VPN or Secure Network option was found in the Beta version as well...

This is version 117.0.2045.12 (official build) beta (64 bit).


@Farrukhw Okay, that's good to hear.


If you no-longer need assistance, please close this ticket.


Or if you'd still like to make TikTok work in the regular (116) version of Edge, please upload the screenshot I requested, as we need more-information on what error you are seeing.

It's probably something to do about your firewall or anti-virus built in the computer system