Can't open PDF files whose path names contain Chinese character

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Figure 1


Figure 2

Hi. I use Edge on Win11. Recently I found that I couldn't open any PDF file directly (Double click the pdf file on file manager or desktop) if its path name contains Chinese character, as shown in the Figure 1.
However, I can open them if I just drag the file icon into the Edge or input the full file path on thr URL bar, as shown in the Figure 2.

Could you tell me how to fix this bug, pls?

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What version number of Edge are you seeing this behavior in? On my machine, opening PDFs from the desktop works just like in Figure 2.
Thanks, Mr.Bodner. I've found out the culprit. There was a malware installed in my PC, which is called KGChromePlugin. It changed all my browsers' command line forcibly.
I've uninstalled it, and everything goes back to normal now.
Have a good day!