Can't open PDF files in Canary

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In recent builds I can't open PDF fiiles in Canary.

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Came here to say this
Yeah, same here. Opens tab, shows tab title, but just blank background. Noticed a glitch on the previous build, when PDF opened, it was showing blank document, but scrolling down slightly caused the doc contents to load fine.
This is happening to me in the Dev build.

I saw this start in 111.0.1633.0, and unfortunately the update today to 111.0.1652.0 doesn't fix it. Some additional data, if it helps:
- The web application I am running generates PDF reports and opens a new tab to display the PDF. As the other posters have said, the tab opens, it looks like it's about to load, but then the page remains blank
- I have FoxitPDF Reader set as my default PDF viewer, and when I click on the background of the blank page, it brings up the context menu for FoxitPDF
- I noticed that this ONLY occurs if the application is in IE Mode. If I take it out of IE Mode, the PDF displays just fine in the new tab
- I can open the release version of Edge on my machine (109.0.1518.70) and it works fine. But as I said earlier, all the Dev versions worked fine until just recently.
Fixed in 1660!

@Luke Gatchell It continues fails at build 1661