Can't move extension to menu 😞

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I cannot move any of the extensions to menu. Bug or did I do anything??

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Do you already have any extension icons in the menu? if so how many?
also which version of Edge are you using?
@horizon I see it too :(
That alone is not really helpful,
which version of Edge? which channel? is menu area already populated?
I don't have this problem.
if you see it too then fill out a feedback report.
@HotCakeX Version 88.0.702.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit) And I only have two extensions.
I am facing the same issue, but I have a workaround. Until they fix it, you can manually drag the extension icon from the toolbar to the menu. It works.
Are you on Edge dev too?
Yeah on latest Dev
Latest Dev Build. I already have 3 items on menu
Okay that's good to know, so the problem is isolated to Dev channel only. testing on Canary now I have 5 items and I can still add more, so hopefully that means it's fixed and Dev will receive the fix in the next update.
Yeah, I am on Edge Dev's latest release.
It's right, we were supposed to receive a new update for Dev few days ago but the holidays didn't let that happen, so just few more days and this should be fixed


Hi, it's been fixed in Version 88.0.705.9, you can update your Edge dev.


  • Fixed an issue where extension icons can’t be moved between the address bar and the … menu because the context menu option to do so is grayed out. 


yay :party_popper:

So I have FDM and it works for me in Canary. I did do an update to FDM (the full app not just the extension in Edge) a day or so ago; have you tried that?

Go to appearance settings and enable show extensions button , now it'll work