Can't move a tab to certain profiles

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Using Edge Dev 95.0.997.1 64-bit with 4 profiles currently. Selecting "Move tab to" works as expected when selecting the first or second profile in the list as the target. However, selecting the third or fourth profile in the list will also move the tab to either the first or second profile, never to the third or fourth.

Has anyone else seen this? 

I can provide a gif from my repro or some logs (if you tell me what would help) if needed.

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Hey there, so sorry for the extremely delayed response on this.


Are you still unable to move tabs between profiles on the latest Dev build? If so, can you confirm if each of the profiles are personal or work/school accounts and which type of profile you're moving the tabs from originally? If you don't mind attaching a gif (might actually have to be a video for Tech Community) that would help me understand the problem a little better!


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@Alexandra-R Thanks for the follow up. No, today on build 95.0.1020.5 it seems I can no longer reproduce this. Great job, go Edge team go!