Can't log in to the Microsoft Edge Dev (ver 91.0.831.1) on Manjaro Linux

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Recently I'm using Manjaro Linux just for fun, and I want to make it more comfortable to use, so I downloaded the Microsoft Edge Dev from the pamac package manager (link provided in the description is ""). Then I found out that I can't log in to the browser. When I clicked the "Log in" button, there was a pop-up window saying that "The platform is not supported." Screenshot is in the attachment. I've searched this and can't find any solution. What should I do to make this work?

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在edge的flags里面搜索msa sign in开启再重启后就能登陆了,当然我不确定Manjaro的包是否有这个flags选项,至少我用deepin就能登陆了。



It works now, thanks!
Maybe I should search in the community first and then post a discussion on a certain problem :)
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