Can't load any one workspace, and no error number.

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I created several Workspaces using the Dev version, and they were working great. However, after a few days, starting around June 25th until today, I have been unable to open these Workspaces, which has resulted in not being able to access the tabs and bookmarks within them. I have already submitted feedback through Windows Feedback, but I have not received any response so far, and the issue remains unresolved.

Additionally, there is a serious bug with Workspaces: when moving the contents of a bookmark folder to a specific Workspace that is not currently open, the moved folder disappears without any notification, making it impossible to retrieve it.


我用 Dev 版创建了几个 Workspaces,非常好用。但过了几天,大约6月25日开始到今天,无法打开这些 workspaces,导致这几天无法访问 workspaces 中的标签、收藏夹。已经通过 Windows 反馈提交了反馈信息,但至今没有任何回应,问题也没有解决。
另外,Workspace 有个严重的 bug:当把收藏夹的内容移动到某个 Workspace,而该 Workspace 没有打开时,被移动的收藏夹在没有任何提示的情况下就消失了,彻底无法找回。loading...loading...failed and no error number or message.failed and no error number or message.

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@Coffeedrunk try use the Edge stable version, I currently use the canary and the stable versions, all workspaces synchronized without problem.


Thank you for your assistance.
The method you suggested is effective.
I had previously attempted to use the stable version of Edge, but encountered the same issue.
Upon receiving your response, I made another attempt and am now able to proceed with my work using Workspaces.

Thanks a lot.