Can't copy/paste


I was able to use the clipboard (copy/paste) until I copied a text in the new message interface of Gmail. Since then, I can't copy/paste anything in edge (but I can still copy paste in other programs than edge). 


I received a new update yesterday (Version 84.0.488.1 (Official build) dev (64-bit)

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At first, when the bug only happened on gmail and I could simply close Edge and reopen it and my clipboard would work normally. But now I (and my colleagues) also have the bug on google docs (it appears after 2 or 3 copy/paste). With this bug, it's impossible to work.

@07_19 Thanks for letting us know! We have a bug open for this and are actively working on a fix. If you haven't, can you please submit feedback through the browser (Shift + Alt +I) with diagnostic data?


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@Deleted , Ok it's done. I noticed that it specifically after I cut a text (ctrl x) that the bug appears. Before that I can copy paste with problem even on google docs and gmail. Also the clipboard still works on other tab.

@07_19 Good to know, thank you!


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@Deleted  I also suddenly have this problem. And I checked that I can "paste" same item item in a Gmail item in Chrome. (Don't worry, I use both Chrome and Outlook). 


In searching for precedent, I saw this article among others  I'm only pasting it in this message to confirm to myself that cut and paste still works outside of GMail. :smile:



I can't use anymore edge because of that, it does work on Chrome.

Because it's still not solved, I have moved to the stable version of Edge Chromium. I haven't had this bug so far.

@07_19 @early_steve Thanks for the updates. I've checked in with the team, and can confirm that a fix should be coming down the line very soon.


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@Deleted  wow this bug is super annoying!!! I thought it was only me, I want to copy things into an email and fail over and over.

Do you have a link to the bug so I can track when it is fixed?


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@Deleted You are the best! It's fixed.   From the change log: "Fixed an issue where pasting into text fields on webpages sometimes doesn’t work. " And confirmed.


@early_steve Excellent, I'm glad to hear that you're seeing the fix!


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