Can't Click button Top Right in Microsoft edge

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Hello I am a Microsofe edge user on Macbook Pro M2. I started experiencing this issue on March 14th 2023 after Microsofe Edge update made me unable to click on website content in top right position.

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I also encountered the same problem. There will be an area that cannot be clicked in the upper right corner, which is extremely inconvenient for my developers. I have switched back to Chrome. The same kernel is getting worse and worse, and the add explore button cannot be removed. It is disgusting
On Macbook Pro M1 Pro and I was just about to report having the same issue but noticed I hadn't updated Edge lately. So, I took a moment to update to the latest Version 111.0.1661.44 (Official build) (arm64) and it appears the problem has been fixed.

Same here. I'm on Edge Version 111.0.1661.51 (Official build) (x86_64) on an Intel Macbook Pro.

Can't click on top right hand items (like your profile icon link in Office365, Youtube and any other website with menu items in the top right hand corner. On some sites, if you move the mouse around, you might find a tiny spot where the cursor pointer changes into the "finger pointer" and can then click.

@ChilGoe  I'm having exactly the same issue here

@KyleG223, I am using MS Edge Version 111.0.1661.62 (Official build) (arm64) on MacBook Air M1, and the issue is still not fixed.

It seems that the issue exists only when you are NOT using the app in fullscreen mode.