can't access NBC Sports live stream

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For some strange reason, every time I try to watch a live event at I just see a spinning wheel. This issue only happens with Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.46. I can access the stream using chrome and safari on my mac perfectly fine (even with uBlock Origin enabled). Why is this happening?


I've tried to find a way to sign out of but it doesn't appear to be any way to sign out of my provider. 

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Do you have any extension on the Microsoft Edge?
Try open Microsoft Edge in InPrivate browsing mode (Ctrl+Shift+N) and see if the problem persist?
I'd check my extensions first, ublock origin might break some stuff (very rarely) so instead of enabling maybe disable it.
if you set any custom flags, set them to defaults: edge://flags/

you can reset Edge settings from here if the problem is caused by user config edge://settings/reset