Can I Update Microsoft Edge for Mac Without MAU Now?

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@Olivia_Zhang shared a post to explain New Update Experience for Mac months ago, Is it available in Edge stable now?

Now I'm running Version 95.0.1020.53 (Official build) (x86_64), and didn't detect new version, but MAU ran for many times in the past days. If the new experience is available in stable channel, I'm going to remove MAU.

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Microsoft AutoUpdate still auto starts every few hours, but didn't detect updates.

Hey there! The new update experience that doesn't depend on MAU is not yet available in our Stable channel for Mac. Did you get the update to version 96 over the weekend, by chance? It should now be available! 


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@Alexandra-RI'm still not getting Edge 96 for Mac. Downloading edge stable from is downloading edge 95 and not edge 96.

Yes, already updated to v96 (Version 96.0.1054.43 (Official build) (x86_64) currently), but MAU still pops up every few hours.
Does "It should now be available" mean the new update experience doesn't depend on MAU in version 96? Thank you.