Can I fix bogus NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED errors?

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I've started seeing a lot of websites become inaccessible due to revoked certificate errors - basically the same as in this article in, including the cert chain - the broken sites always go through "Let's Encrypt Authority X3":


One of the websites I'm hitting this on is a short URL redirect to an Xbox site: I'm pretty sure this site isn't compromised.


But I can't seem to find any solutions that actually work. Date and time doesn't; disabling VPN doesn't; switching off the revocation checks in inetcpl.cpl and rebooting also doesn't work. Using Edge Legacy or Firefox does work, but doesn't really feel like an appropriate solution to the problem. :) So I would guess this has something to do with Chromium, and possibly that it got into a bad state on my system. Is there any way to reset it? (I already tried edge://settings/reset - no luck.)

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