Can Edge "save" windows along with the groups/tabs and reopen them as they were when last closed?

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Short Version:
My workflow involves keeping 5 named windows each containing constantly updated groups/tabs. Edge is set to reopen everything at restart. But I'm afraid of accidently closing a window and losing all. Can Edge with or without an extension automatically save each window with its current tabs/groups when I close it, so Edge doesn't have to have all five windows open when I need to work in just one?

Longer Version:
My work flow demands I generally operate with 5 named windows open. In my Microsoft Edge each window has 3-7 tab groups with a total of about 70-100 tabs open across the 5 windows at any given time. I'm constantly updating the sites in these groups/tabs, and I need to be able to pick up where I left off when relaunch Edge. It is set to do this, so each time I open Edge it opens with 5 windows and approximately 100 tabs. But at times I only need to work in one window, but in order to keep it and the other four current, I have to keep all 5 windows and all 100 tabs open. I find this an obnoxious waste of resources.

I would like to be able to open the one window in which I need to work, have all my groups/tabs restored from the last session, and pick up where I left off. If I need to open a second, third, etc. window, I want it to load all the groups/tabs it had open the last time it was used. Currently I must have all 5 windows and all 100 tabs open all the time even if I only need to work within one because there is no way to "save" a window's state.

Paranoid that I might accidentally close a window and lose all of its groups and tabs, I regularly save each tab as a collection, but this does not preserve the window setup/structure or the current updated state of each tab. So, the million-dollar question - is there a feature of combination of features in macOS compatible Edge or extension that supports tabs groups and will save a window with all of its groups and tabs in their current state... either automatically or manually?


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@astkaasa I'll have to reexamine that feature. As I remember it, it was mainly a colab tool. Perhaps it could keep windows open and ready to reopen should I close one. Thanks!

This is precisely the kind of workflow that I use workspaces for, I don't use it for collaboration at all.