Can anyone confirm a possible bug in Edge.

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FORGET THIS ISSUE. Updated to ver. today and the problem went away.


HTML Select menu scrollbar in long list of option items freezes when SVG has a large number of SVG text.

Why does this work in Chrome but not in Edge or Edge Dev?


 On my Computer:

SVG with many text elements freezes the vertical Select Option scroll bar.

If you comment out the SVG text line in JavaScript then it scrolls smoothly.
In Chrome, you can smooth scroll the select menu until the cows come home.
In Edge, all the cows died in the barn.


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which part do you want me to comment out exactly?

You don't need to comment out anything. Just click the option menu and a vertical scrollbar with appear. If the scrollbar freezes then it's a bug. If not, then it's my video card or something else.

PROBLEM SOLVED with Edge Dev version 90.xxxx.xxxx update today 2/2/2021

Oh nice lol