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Folks, I need help with getting the right calendars to show up in the Calendar Card on the Feed.


I haven't had an issue with this before, but I just upgraded to an LG G8 running Pie as 5.6 was released so I am not sure where the issue lies.


I have four email/calendar/contacts accounts on the phone. I have them entered both as "accounts" on the phone (so I get the contact information into the Contacts app) and in Outlook - which I use for calendar and email. 


Two are work accounts with Office 365 credentials, one is my consulting account that is an Exchange server but not 365 and one is my Outlook email. 


I have not signed into either office 365 account as my Work account - never had to in the past for them to show up when choosing calendars to see on the card.   


Of the four, only my Outlook account and one of the work accounts shows up when I try to select the calendars to view in the card.  I have logged off, deleted and re-entered and re-set the phone. I even dropped out of the Beta of ML to try that. 


Does anyone know the secret to getting all of the calendar accounts I have on the phone to show up in the ML Feed calendar card?



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