Buttons to Sign In on Swiftkey are disabled in Edge-Chromium

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1 - In Edge Chromium 

2 - In Google Chrome 



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Thank you, @Deleted for leting us know about this issue.  I was able to reproduce the issue on Canary, but not on Dev or Beta.  It also does NOT repro on Chrome Canary, so I have gone ahead and filed a bug.  Thanks - Elliot

@Deleted, it appears that this is caused by setting the Tracking Prevention to Strict. There is a Facebook SDK control tied to sign-in which is causing the buttons to be greyed out.  If you would like to log into the site, just go to edge://settings/privacy and set the Tracking Prevention to either Basic or Balanced.  Thanks - Elliot

Thanks for your reply @Elliot Kirk

I changed that setting to "balanced" and the site is working now