+ Button in Tabs does not move completely back after closing tab

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Ubuntu 22.10

Edge 88.0.702.0




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@edgehelper It's an issue with Chrome too, Every browser that runs Chromium. So, if you have time, go to edge://flags/#edge-vertical-tabs and enable it. It works much better.

@Kam Thanks for that. The reason I posted this, before the update the browser did not to that. This a new issue. At least for me. 


Edge is a good browser and I hope to be using it in Linux. 

@edgehelper Can you share a screenshot of how vertical tabs are working so far?
The problem is fixed in Canary Version 88.0.704.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)
All you have to do is to wait until the next Edge dev update to receive the fix for it.


Vertical tabs are turned on. the flag is mostly used to disable it.


It's not working for me. I switched it to enable, no change after restarting Edge


@HotCakeX I don't think it's turned on for him.
@edgehelper Ok; HotCakeX might help you.