Bug: Wrong New Tab title is shown


The New Tab page has the title "New Tab". However, sometimes when I launch the browser, the first New Tab that opens has the wrong title on the title bar, as can be seen in the attached picture.

This isn't a new issue. I have been experiencing this quite often since long, and have been waiting for a fix. I'm using Edge Dev Version 84.0.488.1. 

Screenshot (355).png

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I believe that title is the actual address new tab page used. Every time I started new tab it will show loading from that address. 

As for the bug I never encounter it, but I suggest submit a bug report via Send Feedback if you haven't. 


EDIT: There is a time in my case where the new tab didn't load, so I deleted the cookie and cache on ntp.msn.com from the setting page then it worked. I not sure if this related to your case, but I think worth a try.