Bug: Windows 10 "Night light" is not applying to YouTube videos

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in Edge Dev 83.0.474.0 on Windows 10, the "Night light" setting is not applying to videos on YouTube (it may not be specific to youtube.com I'm just too lazy to check over video sites right now). I'm using Windows 10 v1909.


Here's a little hint as to what might be going on: when I click the maximize/minimize button, I can see Night light applying to the video for a half a second.


Can anyone else repro this?

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Heello @Bdsrev!

Link to fix problems:https://trainghiemso.vn/khac-phuc-che-do-night-light-tren-windows-10-khong-hoat-dong/


Note: Translate the website into English because it is Vietnamese

Hello @Bdsrev!

Link to fix problem:https://trainghiemso.vn/khac-phuc-che-do-night-light-tren-windows-10-khong-hoat-dong/

That can fix your problem. Best luck to you!

Note: Translate the website into English because it is Vietnamese 

what is it? I'm getting error "403 Forbidden"


That's happened when the host don't support your area. So that isn't an blank page.

You can search how to fix that problem on internet.

There is nothing wrong on my end.