Bug when using multiple monitors on Windows 10

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Currently I have the enviroment where I have 2 monitors with the same resolution, and having Edge Chromium on maximized on the right display.

When I have another program on my left monitor on maximized, and I have my mouse on the very top right corner it focusses the Edge Chromium window instead of the window it should focus on, I think the Edge window is 1px over the sides, I have this on both sides of Edge.


I hope this explanation is clear for you haha, it may not be a big deal for some but it frustrates me a lot and I think some others too, I would really appreciate if this issue could be fixed ;)


Thanks in advance,


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@gauravkk seems like the issue has disappeared in one of the updates, haven't had this problem in a while now :P, also haven't had this issue in other programs in the last months or so.


Hopefully this gets fixed for you, I feel the frustration haha

Then I guess the bug I described is something different because it's there in every version after 1803 and still not fixed even in 21H1 Insider builds.