Bug: Video Playback on CBS AllAccess results in Error Code 2004

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This just started happening with the last update in the Dev channel. Video playback on CBS AllAccess results in error code 2004. The full error text is as follows...

"Sorry, this video is currently unavailable. Please refresh the page or try another browser. Error Code: 2004"


I have disabled Tracker Blocking as well as disabled my own adblocking extension for the web site, nothing works. Video playback does, however, work just fine in Google Chrome.

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@trparky FWIW I can +1 this issue.  I saw on the Insider update tab for 79.0.309.5 that there was a Netflix playback issue that had been fixed, hoped that maybe these were related in some way, but checked AllAccess just now and no joy.  The problem does seem to have changed though, I don't get the fuzzed picture and the 2004 error code, more like hitting play just sits there with a black screen.


Using Chrome for CBS for now.

@JohnBallard I realize this is an old thread but I'm a recent user of Edge Dev and had problems with CBS All Access.  I stumbled on turning off hardware acceleration in Settings --> System and that fixed the not seeing the video problem for me.


Turned off Ad Blocker for the CBS site too.  

@DaveLPG That worked for me also. Thanks for sharing your solution.