Bug Report: Switching desktop adds a tab on the taskbar.

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How to reproduce:

  1. Create another desktop. (Click Win+Tab and click the plus)
  2. Open Edge
  3. Open 2 tabs
  4. Minimize Edge
  5. Click Ctrl+Win+Right to move to the next desktop
  6. Click Ctrl+Win+Left to go back to the previous desktop.
  7. Notice on the taskbar how the last opened tab shows up next to Edge and remains so until you close the tab.


Note: This doesn't happen on Chrome. It's unique to Edge.


I can record a video of the process if this wasn't clear.

I'm using MS Edge - Version 87.0.664.66 (Official build) (64-bit)

Win 10 Pro (64-bit)



Video of the bug provided by @BioDroid - MS Edge - Version 91.0.864.41:


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I tested it on the same Edge version but insider version of Windows 10 (build 21277) and couldn't reproduce this.

please file a feedback using the feedback button on Edge (shortcuts: Alt + Shift + i ), that's the recommended method of sending problems and bug reports to the Edge team.

in the feedback window, click on attachments, go to "recreate my problem" and press "start recording", while it's recording, reproduce the issue and then stop and send the feedback.

Same bug appear in Version 88.0.705.81 (Official build) (64-bit)


kepp going with the Version 89.0.774.45 (Official build) (64-bit) ...

bug continue in Version 91.0.864.41
Are you sure? It seems I can't reproduce it under the latest version, Version 91.0.864.41 (Official build) (64-bit)

Can you produce a video showing the bug, I'll pin it to the thread above.


Uploading a video showing the appearance of the ghost tab after desktop return

Thx. I've attached your video to the thread. Though I doubt this will be fixed for all. Because they have to be able to reproduce it too.
What I suggest you do is use the 'Send Feedback' option in MS Edge, and attach a video and diagnostic data. That's what I did last time and now I can't reproduce the bug. Maybe it's a case-by-case bug.
I'll try,