Bug report: Microsoft Edge store send feedback

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 I want to send feedback in edge store, but screenshot is broken.

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just wanted to say that the actual screenshot that is sent to Microsoft is correct, when I save it on desktop, i get a full 1920x1080 PNG picture that has no distortion

the screenshot preview on the website however is worrying and needs to be fixed




@TrueGame Thanks for letting us know! If you're open to what might seem like a silly exercise, it would actually be helpful if you send us a screenshot of the bug report... of the screenshot of the bug report. :xd:


But @HotCakeX makes a good point about the specs potentially having an impact. If you have access to other devices, I wonder if the same thing would happen on them too. If so, let us know!


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Haha, so I wanted to send a feedback about the screenshot issue in the website but in Edge canary the screenshot area is black (an old issue that never got fixed)

Version 82.0.458.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)






@HotCakeX Thanks for letting us know that's still happening! We'll follow-up again with the product team about the black screenshots.


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

Appreciate it!


btw i just noticed that this issue doesn't happen when browsing categories, only happens on the main page, this should be helpful in fixing it i hope






i'll send them using feedback button and hope they can connect it to your feedback

thank you for clarifying the bug. appreciate that