Bug Report: Edge Tab crashing with Adblock

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Since a few builds (current build 84.0.488.0 can. Ch) I've noticed that the Edge Browser Tab crashes every time on this scenario:

1. The site is using a huge amount of ads

2. While using in my case Ublock Origin

3. On the page that's causing the crash open a new tab

4. On the new tab page (same page) quickly open a link -> tab crashs 


Its not a huge deal because it only happens when you're doing it fast like I did in my showcase but I thought maybe it's a point to improve on. 


I've included a screen recording following my instructions above

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the video is not clear very much but that tab is simply closing, not crashing.
if it was crashing it would stay there and show you some kind of error.

ublock origin is closing the tab, probably because the new tab you open is itself an ad URL. it happens sometimes
use the logger to get more information about what's happening:
Ah alright I see I was also wondering why there's no crash report like it does normaly.

Seems legit it’s probably a misbehavior of UBlock Origin.

Thanks for your answer it did switch some confusion off. I'll try looking into the logs
yes, there are also some websites that embed advertisement links on the buttons or other links so that when user clicks on them, they are automatically taken to another websites, very popular and nasty method. ublock origin can capture them and if it's on the same tab, sometimes closes them.
it's a counter measure against the nasty website developers