BUG? Only Edge Insider is getting "Error Code 15 ‘This Request Was Blocked by the Security Rules’"

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When I tried to access www.wanhai.com, I am getting this error message ONLY in Edge Beta and Dev channel. 




Tested in Edge Stable channel, Firefox, Chrome and Vivaldi, they do not have this issue and are able to access the website.





I also tried Edge Insider channels on a remote computer at a remote location, I am getting same error. Other browsers including Stable channel also worked fine.




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Try contacting their webmaster or support section. they provided you with incident ID.
I did. This has something to do with Edge Insider channel, only Insider channels are affected, not others.
Yes but they are saying they blocked it by security rules, so clearly there is a mistake somewhere.
and this is the only website that has this problem, right?